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The Sunlander to Cairns; a narrative

The crew are working in the galley getting my first meal of the day ready, the same team that were there last night so they have had a long ride as well. It is still lighter in the western sky than in the east as the cloudless sky there reveals the last reflections from the moon, while in the east there appears to be rain-clouds hiding any effort the sun may be making to influence the new day. The famous Mackay sugar-cane farms come into view and as we seem to be approaching a range there is quite a mountain just to the east of the track and now we are pushing our way through a cutting in the hills.

We are currently sitting in the middle of a paddock that is the Bowen Railway Station. The township of Bowen appears to be over to the east with the rail a little way out of town. The scenery along here is strangely similar to south east Queensland still, especially at the moment when everything everywhere is green. However there is the savannah type scrub and that touch of arid Australia mixed with the lush green semi-tropical grasses and pandanus palms.


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